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Custom Body Pillow



Get your favourite streamer's face plastered over your very own body pillow.  Available in a variety of expresions, from surprised to unimpressed.




Cost:  To be announced


Custom T-Shirt



Get your official Raynbowcon T-Shirt, available in many colours and styles.

Includes White, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Violet, and Raynbow.


Or get a custom design


Cost: To be announced

Raynbowcon Pokemon Card



Get your official Raynbowcon pokemon card.  Your admision to Raynbowcon. 

And it can be used in the Pokemon Tournament to start a HypeTrain.


Choo Choo M***** F*****!



Special thanks to joerinferno

Gucky Gang Single



Get your official Raynbowcon soundtrack. single

More awesome songs to come.




Special thanks to  NeonGunpla

Model Hobby Market


Get your favourite models all in one place.


Gunpla, Tabletop wargamming, hobby supplies.  Come get it all.


Located next to the Food Court



- Black Night Games, Gaming Shop

- Tis But a Skratch, Armourers for Larping

- I'll Bite your legs off, Gourmet Candy

- We'll call it a draw, Artists Association