Why He is a Bond Villain



Join us as we discuss in depth the reasons why Raynbowman is actually a bond villain.

In this panel we will be covering the many facets of his scheming and villainy.


His rivalry with Joe Bond, a long time rival whom he has a long standing desire to beat.  Yet can never get the upper hand due to his being the saviour of the universe.


His complaining at his constant lack of funds, Bond villains are always Scheming to get Rich.   Despite having a lair filled with the newest technology has to offer.


His constant need for revenge on those that have wronged him, or gift subscribbed on him.


His constant denials of being a bond villain, a villain would never admit to being one.  Yet any true hero or innocent would admit it in a heartbeat to move on the conversation.


His background in Chemistry, allowing him to manufacture all kinds of Chemical Concoctions.  Storing vats of acids for his nefarious experiments.


His background in project management, allowing him to be all the more capable when managing his minions.


Working as a cabler for years has enabled him to bug various establishments of interest to him.  He can monitor targets of importance from his lair without risk to himself.


Working in IT for years enabled him to develop the skills he needed to build himself the ultimate lair, he even has his own AI.  The Raynbot, as he describes it, the Jarvis of his Villain Lair.



He is The Multi-Tasker.


Join us at Raynbowcon as we present our case for why Raynbowman is actually the secret global villain of our time.


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